Order T-Shirts

We currently offer Brown Mathematics t-shirts in brown, black, blue, and pink, and in men's and women's styles. Here are sample pictures:


Here are the men's sizing chart and women's sizing chart.

The shirts cost $5 each.

Please note that part of what makes these shirts so inexpensive is a bulk discount. We generally try to build up enough orders and place them all at once to obtain the discount, which means there might be a considerable delay in getting your shirt. If you'd be willing to pay a bit extra to get your shirt right away, contact Audrey and we'll see what we can do.

You can order a shirt online using this form

Once the shirts from a batch of orders have arrived, you will be able to pick yours up in the math department office from Audrey, at which point you can pay either by cash, or by check made out to "Brown University" with memo "Math T-Shirt".

If you have any special requests, questions, or suggestions, please contact Audrey.